AIA Vitality Eu Yan Sang discount Hong Kong


Eu Yan Sang is an integrated health and wellness company with an unrivalled reputation as a leader in the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry. 糅合現代科學方法於生產和零售中國傳統醫藥,以至中醫臨床會診服務當中,聲名顯赫。

Members can enjoy 30% off clinic consultation at Eu Yan Sang Integrative Medical Centre and other member discounts for products available in the Hong Kong and Macau stores.


Simply present your AIA Vitality membership card at any Eu Yan Sang stores in Hong Kong and Macau or its integrative medical centre to receive your discounts:

  • 15% off Soup Pack Series
  • 10% off all other in-store products
  • 30% off consultation services
  • 10% over-the-counter (OTC) products in medical centre

* The discount on clinic consultations applies only to the consultation fee for Chinese Medicine Practitioners, excluding acupuncture, tuina and other treatment and dispensary services. Eu Yan Sang Integrative Medical Centre or consultation service is only available in Hong Kong.


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